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Chamber vacuum sealer

Chamber vacuum sealer

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

•Stainless steel outer casing, rustproof, solid and heavy-duty, health and hygiene to be used.
•High sealing quality, can be performed by industry for professional vacuum and seal widely.
•Human-based control, it can adjust the vacuum time, sealing time and cooling time separately, which depends on the article size and bag material.
•The machine size is small, which can save space and be moved easily.
•This machine keeps food fresh longer and keeps the precious articles from humidity after vacuum and sealing.
•Available for any kinds of vacuum sealer bags.
Model No. DVB-255A DVB-255B
Voltage 110V, 220V 110V, 220V
Pump type Oil-less Oil-less
Pump capacity 24” hg (600mm hg) 24” hg (600mm hg)
Vacuum flow 110L / minute 134L / minute
Max. sealing 250 x 5mm 250 x 5mm
Vacuum time 0 ~ 99 seconds 0 ~ 99 seconds
Sealing time 0 ~ 3 seconds 0 ~ 3 seconds
Cooling time 0 ~ 9 seconds 0 ~ 9 seconds
Chamber size 250x330x80mm 250x330x80mm
Machine weight 27 kgs 30.6 kgs
Machine size 365x420x360mm 365x420x450mm

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