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Non-nozzle vacuum sealing machine

Non-nozzle vacuum sealing machine

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Detail Specifications / Descriptions

•Equipped with oil-less pump inside.
•Made in stainless steel, keeps hygiene and safety.
•Sealing operation:
(1) Manual seal: by hand operation.
(2) Pressure sensor switch control: if the air inside of bag is vacuumed out, the sealer will seal the bag automatically.
(3) Setting vacuum time.
•Equipped with counting device: after vacuuming and sealing, the machine will count the operating number of times automatically. It can be clearly to know how many bags that were finished.
•Some bag can be vacuumed once, depends on bags width.
•Mini machine, easy to use and move.
•Vacuum package to keep food fresh longer and keeps the precious articles from humidity.
•Available for: aluminum foil gusset bag, Nylon gusset vacuum bags and vacuum embossed bag only.
•Suitable for dry and solid goods only.

Model No. DS-VM305 DS-VM405
Voltage 110V, 220V 110V, 220V
Power 550W 935W
Max. Sealing 300 x 5mm 400 x 5mm
Pump capacity 26” hg 26” hg
Vacuum time 0 - 90 sec. 0 - 90 sec
Sealing time 0 - 6 sec. 0 - 6 sec.
Cooling time 0 - 10 sec. 0 - 10 sec.
Machine weight 10 kgs 12 kgs
Machine size 395 x 310 x 150mm 485 x 310 x 150mm

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