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Mechanical principles :
1. This machine is designed for cleaning many types the ampoule and general bottles. The machine construction is simple, so operation and maintenance is easy. The bottle to achieve the best cleaning effect.
2. The machine has a rotating disc, bottle into the bottle cap from the front, the bottle is carried into the washing room by the disc. Then it is washed by two or three kinds of water, and to blow the bottle of water by compressed air in the end. Then the bottle is brought to the front of washing room, to remove the bottle and the process is finished.

Feature :
1. The construct simple, easy to install and the operating area is small.
2. Washing speed is really fast and with good effect.
3. Machine body made by stainless steel, easy to clean.
4. Operation and maintenance is easy.
5. This machine is suitable for washing many kinds or a small number of bottle.
6. Suitable for pharmaceutical industry, food industry, laboratories, biotechnology, and so on.

* Semi automatic washing machine with rotation principle operation this machine can wash nearly any kind of container shape and size starting with small vials up to 1000cc infusion bottles.
* Cleaning is application of up to three media with intermediate and subsequent air blasts.
* Suited for the chemical pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries as well as for the general pharmacy area.
* Output capacity: 1250-3000pcs/hr.

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