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144W LED Streetlight

144W LED Streetlight

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Yuguang characteristics of LED lights ︰
A jade LED street light has patented thermal structure can be equally life and light body warranty ︰
1 This product has a patented heat dissipation structure , high thermal material for the aluminum high pressure die casting or extrusion, light body shell fin heat sink design can make use of natural wind or rain , dew heat coupled with high -tech nano coating heat , fast heat dissipation , excellent heat dissipation ; breeze even under conditions as long as there is air convection to heat, light room temperature below 60 ° C ( about 50 ° ± 5), to ensure high-wattage high power LED chip life ; may be a long time lighting . The thermal structure of the easiest section of the most effective heat dissipation LED lighting structure is not complicated , appearance can easily design , style of the most beautiful and most durable , most environmentally friendly and most cost-effective , truly meet modern needs.
(2) This product uses nano -tech with high heat paint coating , as well as special structural design, the dust will not affect the heat ; easily attached to the surface of the dust , easy to clean , as long as there is wind or rain will automatically cleansed .
Second, Yuguang LED lights are refracted reflection of patented optical technology ︰
This product has a reflection refraction optical technology patents , the drawback to solve linear projection of the LED -sided , so that the light projected farther wider ; LED lights and no general solution is difficult to spot , more uniform brightness ; mining PC material mirrors , Chennai m high reflection coating , the brightness is doubled.
Third, LED street light jade mining owns multiple design ︰
The product group accounted for more than design, even the light source or power supply is also a single solid -impaired group ( part ) does not shine, does not affect its lighting , unlike traditional street , whether it is light or solid barrier will all light ballast does not shine .
Fourth, jade light LED street light module has a patented design ︰
This product has a light source module design patent , then take the reflection refraction optical technology patents , the drawback to solve linear projection of the LED -sided , so that the light projected farther wider ; LED lights and no general solution is difficult to spot , brightness and more uniform ; make pulled away from the poles to reach the original color of a standard sodium .
Five jade mining light LED street light LED special circuit design ︰ single failure or burned only a single does not shine .
Six LED lights features Yuguang power driver 's ︰
1 Built- mining , as long as the replacement of the entire group connected to AC power , easy to replace.
2 in each group individually controlled light source , even a broken power supply failure or a group of light , it will not affect the lighting , only a single group does not shine.
(3) The power supply constant current output drive mining , security and stability not blink.
4 as well as the power drive thermal protection, when abnormal voltage supply lead to overheating when the drive automatically detects the output current drops to moderate the current lighting is darker will not affect the lighting ; automatically when the temperature returns to normal recovery full power lighting ; LED light source in order to protect and secure the power drive, does not affect the lighting.
Seven of LED street lamps light jade mining clamshell clamshell ︰ mining lamps , road lamps meet the requirements easily removable .
Eight , Yuguang Lighting LED streetlights , light weight, low drag .
Nine , Jade LED street light testing venues to the actual size of a standard highway design to international standards CIE14000 actual test .

Wattage : 36W, 72W, 108W, 144W, 180W, 216W , etc. Welcome to order many items .

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