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CWH Technology was established in 2004. The initial marketing of consumer electronics, equipment products and environmental antibacterial products is a Taiwanese biotechnology and environmental equipment company that focuses on people's health and safety. In the 21st century when the biotechnology industry and science and technology are booming in 2004, we actively invest in the research and development of related equipment and environmental cleanliness.
The anti-epidemic door uses ""Puli Chlorine Dioxide Disinfectant Tablets"", which is 99.99% reported by the national P4 laboratory against the new coronavirus. It has passed the qualified inspection and can be used with peace of mind!


Disinfection, sterilization, anti-coronavirus, air purification, safe and harmless, epidemic prevention, epidemic prevention door, disinfection atomization machine, atomization disinfection door, infrared temperature sensor, PL 600, epidemic prevention gun

Company: C W Health Technology Co., Ltd.

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