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Founded by Mr. X.L. Liao, in Miaoli, Taiwan in November 1975, we established the powder metallurgy dept. in 1978, became a member of APMI USA in 1979, and started technological exchange with the Japan Powder Metallurgy Co., Ltd. in 1987, gradually trying to go global. With superior product quality, prompt service and trustworthy attitude, we have successfully exported products around the globe.

We mainly offer powder-metallurgical/sintered products, mechanical parts, lubricated bearings, magnetic parts, stainless-steel parts etc. to renowned manufacturers of vehicular equipment, motorcycles, electric household appliances, office machinery, agricultural machinery, sewing machines, sports equipment, textile machinery, chemical machinery, meters/counters, cameras, building hardware, small metallic parts, DIY parts, manual/pneumatic/powered tools, computer peripherals etc.

Focusing on both technology and product innovation, we not only regularly send employees overseas to learn advanced powder metallurgy skills and applications of new smelting material, but steadily invite experts for on-site instructions. We yearly renew in-house production equipment with fully-automated models to enhance productivity, continuously train professionals, which are critical to offer better products to deliver the utmost customer satisfaction to build long-term business relationship.

Through pursuit of excellence for years, we have consistently received positive feedback to become a successful OEM.

‧1975 Established in December
‧1978 Cooperated with Japen Sintary Co., Ltd.
‧1979 Became a member of APMI U.S.A.
‧1980 Established and became the chairman of PMA of R.O.C.
‧1981 Started mass producing stainless-steel powder metallurgical parts
‧1987 Cooperated with Japan JMP
‧1997 Became TÜV ISO9002-certified
‧1998 Cooperated with and became an OEM for Toshiba, Japan
‧2001 Cooperated w/Ching-Lin Research Center, NTU
‧2003 Cooperated w/Dept. of Materials Science and Engineering, NTU and became TÜV ISO9001:2000-certified
‧2007 Became TÜV TS16949-certified
‧2010 Became ISO 14000-cerified
‧2011 Expanded factory area


Gears Parts, Sintered Powder Metallurgical Parts, Automobile Motorcycle Parts, Structural & Hardware Parts, Stainless Steel Parts


Number of Total Employees: 60
Year Established: 1975
Total Annual Sales (USD): NT150,000,000.
Export Market: Global, Europe, Asia (Except China), Mainland China, Australia/New Zealand
Capital (USD): NT20,000,000.
Business Type: Manufacturer

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