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Taiwan Kinki Machinery Company has accumulated more than 20 years of technical know-how and experience in the planning, design, construction, sales and service of plastic forming machines.

Our products are sold to major markets around the world including Southeast Asia, Japan, Europe, North America and South America.
There is no secret to the "Taiwan economic miracle" it comes from the basic willingness of the people of Taiwan to compete fiercely and to strive toward progress in everything that we do.

Taiwan Kinki Machinery was established in Taipei in 1972 and specializes in vertical plastic injection molding machinery. Since our founding we have worked to build our brand, improve our technology and develop a full line of machinery.

In 1991 we opened a second factory at DONG-GOAN in Mainland China. This factory has greatly expanded the scope of our operations through large-scale production, high quality and greater competitiveness in international markets.

In 1996 we began production in our third factory at Hsin-chu in Taiwan. This plant takes advantage of Taiwan's valuable manpower and assures that we can continue to contribute the people of Taiwan by developing automated equipment and diversified operations. The Hsin-chu Factory includes an old-making section, an electroplating section and a complete plant planning section to offer our clients an ever-wider range of services.

Lines of Business
* Production of vertical plastic injection molding machines.
* Design of automatic injection machinery.
* Turn-key plants for accessories and peripherals for injection machinery.
* Injection mold design and manufacturing.
* Electrode position, power coating, baking enamel, and leather treatment.
* Agency of vertical model injection machine and Zinc alloy coating


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