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LEXMA LED is dedicated in offering the best lighting environments. We provide high efficiency LED products and are specialized in dimmable and color tunable lighting bulbs. By easily dimming through exiting light switch, users can adjust the lightness to fit the most proper lighting environment.
The bulbs have 4 different light can accord different environments. Our special power control design ( 1% night light ) is the best and unique one for dimmable LED bulb and the most power saving one.

LEXMA believe people want to get the better life in the world ,so LEXMA LED has three very important features, the first is energy saving, second is green life and three it can use over 40000 hours, that not only conservation environment ,but also it give person better life. And our unique dimmable design could save 99.9% by easy switch and for the most power saving use. LED bulbs give all users enormous creative freedom to switch.


Mouse, USB Hub, Card Reader for Memory / ATM Card, Keyboard, Computer Bag

Address: 4F, No. 89, Minshan St., Nei Hu Dist., Taipei 114, Taiwan
Telephone: 886-2-27965888
Fax: 886-2-27938999
URL: www.acrox.com.tw

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