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“Creating ideas is our business”. We, Formosa Saint Jose have been the leading manufacturer of innovative car accessories in Taiwan since 1985. We have factories in Taiwan and China
We are continuously developing new products and processes to accommodate the requirement
Of clients worldwide. By expert team of engineers and an experienced labor force, our
manufacturing lines and specially process are geared to produce an extensive range of
Consumer products : Automotive accessories, 3D® Molded car mats, car canopies, multi-
purpose plates and mats, sunshade, home and garden items… a large range of cover(Boat,
Car, Motorcycle etc.,) and a wide variety of OEM manufacturing.

Our commitment is to our present and future customers are to offer innovative
Forcartex products at competitive prices!! Welcome to Forcartex. Let’s create prosperity together !!


Molded Car Mat, Molded Cargo Liner, Car Cover, Bike Cover, Boat Cover, PWC Cover, ATV Cover, Leisure Product, Handy Trunk, Winch Tie-Down Series, Car Awning Set, Sun Shade, Set Cushion, Auto Accessories, Car Canopy Set, Car Seat Cover, Car Mat, Back Mate, Bubble Cushion, Air Purifier, Seat Cushion


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