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Taking up with the R&D, manufacture and services of modern lighting & illumination products targeted at the global market and deeply engaged in developing full & closer partnership with the European and American clients, COMELY, a herald committing itself to driving the technical innovation & industrial reform & development of the modern lighting & illumination industry in China, is making zealous efforts to introduce and recommend the world-leading concepts of management and consumption of modern lighting and illumination products into China and promote and widen the application of modern illuminations & light environment in households and businesses.

Determined to build itself into the "No. 1 Illumination Brand in China" and taking the ISO9001:2000 International Quality System, the IEC Standard for Lighting Products and the Chinese National Standard for Lighting Products as its criteria for product R&D, manufacture and quality control and inspection, COMELY have passed the product certification of Germany, UK, Sweden, U.S., Canada and most of the developed countries as well as the China Compulsory Certification (CCC), thus enabling itself to provide its international and domestic partners with products meeting the internationally leading quality standard.


Floor Lamp, Table Lamp, Chandeliers, Lighting, Indoor Lighting, Desk Lamp, Crystal Lamp, Pendant Lamp, Wall Lamp, Art Deco Lights/Hand-Painted Lamps

Address: 15F-2, No.155, Taiyuan Road, Taipei, Taiwan 10353
Telephone: 86-769-8865188
Fax: 86-769-8866020

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