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LUMILENS is the pioneer in developing the High Power LED for lighting. We are the first in the world to put the LUXEON 1W into a retrofit MR16 type G5.3 base in 12V ac/dc, also the type of GU10, E27, E26 and BY22d lamps in 90~240V ac. Right after LUMILEDS launch their 1W and 3W LED in 2002 and sold worldwide today you may easily our products working near you.
Our technical teams mastered the criteria of making a good LED lighting products by making the good heat sink and driven by good driver to optimized the LED performance. So to provide the green lighting.
We supply LED lighting products that we design and made and we also take OEM and ODM(original design manufacturing) business. Please feel free to contact us for further detail.
Our products will have 24 months warranty to guarantee the quality to our customers.


Downlights, Outdoor Lights/Streetlights/Work Lights, Spotlights/Searchlights, Track Lights, LED Lamps


Number of Total Employees: 450
Year Established: 1998
Total Annual Sales (USD): 10 million
Export Percentage: 100%
Export Market: Global, The Middle East, Europe, Africa, Asia (Except China), North America, Mainland China, Central & South America, Australia/New Zealand
Brand Name: LUMILENS
Business Type: Manufacturer, Importer, Dealer, Retailer, Wholesaler, Exporter, Trading Company
Contact Person: Simon Lam
Shao-hung Lo
Address: Flat 412, Harry Industrial Building,49-51 Au Pui Street, Fotan, Hongkong
Telephone: 852-2637-1093, 852-9469-4969
Fax: 852-2187-7511
URL: www.lumilens.hk

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