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Tian Mei / Tian Yuan Furniture Co., Ltd is the most professional colored furniture manufacturer in China as well as one of the most rapidly-growing.enterprieses. We have two brands — "Season Pink" enviornmetally-sound furniture designed for juvenile and "Vogue Home" fashion-colored home furniture.
"Season Pink" is the colorful vogue furniture designed for noble bachelor, juvenile and children. With rich colors and concise styling design, "Season Pink" is adopted environment-friendly materials and can be flexibly arranged and reorganized, meeting customer' s healthy and personalization needs. After five-year marketing, "Season Pink" has become one of the most popular brands. More importantly, it has modeled youth' s furniture development. Now its sale network covers all China, and products are distributed to Middle East, Southeast Asia, Europe, America, etc.
"Vogue Home" modern colorful furniture is designed for the new and fashion pioneering generation, featuring concise, bright, refreshing, and cozy. It represents different life style and culture taste. "Vogue Home", surely, keeps up the same pace with European fashion. Since it was turned out, it makes a big sensation.
Four years has passed by since the establishment in 2002 and Tian Mei / Tian Yuan has become an enterprise with four factories — Tian Mei Furniture Factory, Tian Yuan Furniture Factory, Outsourcing Factory, and Sofa Factory. Through implementing ISO9001 : 2000, Enterprise Resource Planning, comprehensive production control; improving customer service; cooperating with China Pacific Insurance Corp for furniture quality insurance; and adopting environmentally-sound raw materials, Tian Mei / Tian Yuan is committed to provide better products and services to customers than any other competitor.
In early 2002, Tian Mei / Tian Yuan made a strategy to be China' s first environment-friendly furniture brand for Juvenile and Children.
Receiving "Product Inspection Qualification Report" issued by Shenzhen Academy of Metrology and Inspection in each year between 2003 and 2006.
In 2006, passing quality inspections of more than thirty state-level organizations in Shenzhen, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Xian, Chongqing, Nanjing, Hangzhou etc. And Tian Mei / Tian Yuan up to present is the manufacturer receiving most quality inspection qualifications in China.
March 2007, Tian Mei/ Tian Yuan put its environment-friendly endeavor to a higher level.
Tian Mei is the first furniture manufacturer that passed "Product Liability Risk Assessment" by of China Pacific Insurance Corp (CPIC) and with which has signed "Product Liability Insurance Agreement", which lays a new foundation for Tian Mei' s environment-friendly strategic development. From April 1, 2007, all injuries, illness and other losses caused by quality environmental protection defects concerned with using Tian Yuan furniture will be legally compensated with ceiling RMB 200 000 Yuan by CPIC with accordance with related insurance regulations.
To do business in an innovation way may guarantee your interests and profits, at the same time meet healthy-life needs.
Looking forward, Tian Mei / Tian Yuan will exploit its advantages in colored furniture industry and is committed to become a bigger, stronger and more professional producer so that it can become a domestic brand name and a globally renowned furniture manufacturer and service provider.
As the proverb goes "a single flower does not make a spring", we hope to hands together with all friends with the same dream as us to create our beautiful and comfortable home.


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