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Guotai industry development limted company is the jiemei furniture incorporated company of Taiwanese hero in 1997 at big establishment of a professional furniture joint venture!
  The Jiemei furniture incorporated company establishes in 1985, specially design various different types of public and private chair and hall chair, all-directions chair service, sale and service network of the meeting center, the show business hall, theater, movie theater and school and public transportation etc. spread over Europe, the United States, Singapore, Russia, Middle East and Mainland an other numerous nations and region, the professional management for more than 20 years, JM this brand with occupy a place in the international realm.
  Guotai industry development limited company from establish depend on oversea strong economic power and consummate technique strength, take the corporate culture that the JM make people the foremost, worship the business enterprise spirit of continuously creative practicality, with the formation integrate the furniture manufacturing, wholesale, the professional chair which sells for the integral whole supplies a business enterprise!
   The forerunner' s equipments, the consummate craft, the principle for make people the center, plus high-quality after-sales service, makes us believe firmly, can build up a cooperative relation with more customers and we won' t break effort and hold hands with you to totally enter!


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