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Xlites' research and development team strives to, and has succeeded in, designing and producing the newest LED technology to the world today and incorporating it into our commercial lighting products. At Xlites, we design each and every one of our products as a piece of artwork; the contour and superb quality of the products make anyone who owns our pieces value them as priceless sculptures that are both useful and energy-efficient.

Formed with our light-engines as the illuminating bodies, the most powerful LED's, and superb heatsinks, Xlites' LED lighting products are integrated by excellent photometric development skills and designs. Hence, it's no surprise that our lights are composed of numerous patented pieces. No current products available now compare to our products.

Xlites is a professional manufacturer with more than 14 years experience in providing different product series exported worldwide and extensive experience in doing business with OEM/ODM. We are an ISO9001 certified factory located in Taiwan with complete quality control system. Our in-house design teams specialize in industrial design, mechanical design, and photometry design utilizing highest technology that design and develop mold and tooling. We are capable in accomplishing necessary requirements. Certificates can also be applied to ensure high quality standard.


Contour Projector LED Desk Lamp, Spotlights


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