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DAGi Corporation Ltd. is a Taiwanese company which was founded in 2009. The company's main products are Transparent Capacitive Stylus Pen. DAGi owns multi-national patents related to transparent capacitive stylus and has been selling styluses to United States, Japan, Australia, Europe and other countries in its own brand “DAGi stylus”. DAGi stylus is quite accurate in drawing or writing for art professionals or business people. Capacitive screen can response properly even through 2 or 3 sheets of paper. DAGi transparent capacitive stylus is an excellent touch pen product for Hottest App - Draw Something.

DAGi designs many styluses for the iDevices (iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch) and many other types of stylus that is compatible with several operating systems. (You may use Product Search on the left side of the site, by entering your mobile/pad model number, or simply utilize the Device Table above.) There are 4 sizes of stylus tip provided to meet different needs. Excellent resolution is another feature of DAGi stylus. Transparent tip allows users to be able to see what they are writing or drawing on the screen. The tiny red dot indicates the centre of where it is touching and is specially designed to aid the accuracy. The tip is made of plastic thus users don't have to worry about using it either on bare screen or on a screen with some kind of protector on it.

DAGi will announce iCard, which is designed for capacitive touch screen devices also. The compatible operation systems are iOS, Android and so on. iCard can be a key to open the secure files, for example: ID, password, private photos, videos and so on. iCard can also be a language-studying card, dialing card, website link card, youtube link card.


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