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BOSSTAR Technology Co., Ltd. The aim of the CCFL is towards consumed of electronic products application to development and production companies.
Established and launched in 1999, BOSSTAR have always been specialized in lighter, thinner, shorter and smaller, low radiation's light sources, and it can change the pollution environments into high technology light products, so far the services have been made to various customers like
• To build up long-term co-operative partner, who based on cooperative partners, trusting each other by means of honest and reliable.
• To bring up advantage of product and make it competitive by means of forth-new ideas.
• To assist customer's development and exceed their expectation by means of excellence.
• To provide continuous services by professional techniques and challenge the changeful market.
To give the customers the finest quality and the best-completed services, BOSSTAR has always been the professional in skills and experience, it has the duties to assist and develop as principles, to support national and international customers. At the same time also caring for customer's interest at all times. The goal of BOSSTAR is to continue developing newer and better products, and better services. BOSSTAR will give the customers the best satisfaction in all various ways of needs, letting customers having more control and advantages in international commerce chance.


Anion Light Bulb, Negative Ion Generator, Negative Anion, CFL, Energy Saving Lamp, Negative Ion


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