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3A Wire & Cable had over 30 years full complete experience of control cable and special cable expertise area. Our products recognized and appreciated extensively in the related market.
Thru our teammate's dedicated and efforts, today 3A Wire & Cable built that superior brand and specialist image in the market. In the meantime we also expanded our biz scope to the world widely.
. 3A Wire & Cable can fulfill customers' demand to producing any kind of wire or cable. Our products' application include such as lead free/RoHS , none toxicity, control, isolation/shelter, elevator, heat-burn-resistant, crane, computer, compound...etc.
. Considered that high reliability and safety was contemporary electric/electronic products demand. Therefore 3A Wire & Cable approved by UL and also pass verified ISO 9001, which evidenced our determine to conforming world-wide trend. We believed thru our efficiency productivity
and strictly QC, customers can be totally satisfaction for one stop purchased.


Automobile Brake Cable, Electrical Wires & Cables, Electronic Wire, Power Cable, Communication Cable, Wire Harness, Cable Sleeve & Heat-shrink Tubing, Extension & Power Cord, Automobile Wire, Shielded Wire, Tinned Copper Wire, Annealed Copper Wire

Company: 3A PVC WIRE & CABLE CO., LTD.
Contact Person: Terrie Yu (Sales Representative )

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