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Know-how for Automotive Parts
We've manufactured components for small golf carts & ATV's to aircraft. Automotive
components are a core part of our business.

Dershr's Aluminium Alloys
• A380: Tough, strong, not brittle or too hard
• A380.x: Derivatives for enhanced performance and nickel plating
• A356.T5: Very hard suitable for bicycle parts and motors
• ADC3: Oxidization resistance, suitable for outdoor applications
• ADC10: Tough and not brittle, suitable for motor brackets and casings
• ADC12: General purpose aluminium alloy
• ADC14: Hard wearing for cylinder heads and blocks

Mass Production: 100k / 1m pcs per Year
• Potential requirement: 1 million pcs/year
• Dershr's 200+T capacity: 17 million pcs/year
Orders would be a 5.8% increase in volume, so it is easily manageable.
One issue with large orders is there can be bottlenecks with CNC and other finishing processes.
Dershr's added value service identifies these issues ahead of time, and resolves them
quickly to speed up lead times.
To help us, Dershr prefers annual PO's so that it is easier for us to manage production during the busy seasons.
Exclusivity contracts can guarantee your products will jump the queue to avoid delays.
We sign these when clients guarantee a large quantity every year.

Potential Business: $10M
Dershr is legally permitted to manage business and make shipments of this size.
Dershr signs NDA's/CDA's to protect their clients' investment with us.

Vacuum High Pressure Die-Casting & Machining Capability
Yes, we use VHPDC technology to remove gas inside the mould during casting. VHPDC
improves the parts' form and improves the alloy's density.
For an even more improved density for parts that require a high density -- such as compressor cylinder blocks -- we often use gravity die-casting.
Other than automotive parts, Dershr's aluminium machined products include:
• Barrels for camera lenses
• Laser sights for the military
• Aircraft components

Central Tower Furnace & Auto Ladle
Most of our die-casting machines are connected to a central tower furnace with an automated monorail ladle.
Central furnaces with auto-ladles are essential to quality products because:
• Molten aluminium temperature is correctly maintained
• Improved product quality due to consistent temperature
• Healthier working environment:
o Safer: workers don't need to handle/monitor molten aluminium
o Cleaner air: Chemicals released by the smelting process are easily be
o Cool: Central furnace keeps the factory building cooler CNC Machinery
Aluminium die-casting production can often get delayed at the CNC stage, so have many machines available. To improve speed and quality, we even use 100% automatic CNC machines.

QA: Low Porosity & High Tolerance
To manufacture truly high quality aluminium die-cast parts that meet strict dimensional requirements, we use the following:
• High quality parts & low porosity:
o VHPDC technology
o Gravity die-casting
o Essential for plating, painting and very hardwearing parts
o X-Ray testing
o Leakage testing we currently perform tests with:
• Helium
• Air
• Water
• Dimensional integrity:
o Multi axis CNC milling machines
o Granite flat tables
o 3D & 2D CMM machines
o Digital height gauge
o Precision calipers
• Hardness tester
• Radius gauge
• Surface roughness gauge
• Mill test reports [MTR]
• Micromaster alesometer
• We follow MIL-STD-1916 sampling methods
• Rubbing, chemical and spray tests
• 100% inspection: Some clients require we inspect each and every product. No problem.


Aluminum Alloy Wheels, Alternator Bracket, Starter Brackets, Alternator Heat Sink, Wiper Attachment, ECU, Gear Housing, Compressor Parts, Stator & Retainer, Camera, Aluminium Products, Aluminium


Production Mode: OEM, ODM, OBM
Export Percentage: 95%
Export Market: Global
Business Type: Manufacturer
Company: Dershr Manufacturing

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