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Huangyie industry corporation can manufacture OEM metal parts for you and any kind of precision complex components. Our ISO certified factories and decades of experience in the quality of the industry's first, we are your best provider.
EMI / ESD components
■ SMD EMI Contact Finger
■ Spring Finger Contacts
■ Full series and multi size EMI / ESD clip.
■ Custom sizes and pattern, in response to different needs, fast and high-quality.
■ With ISO9001, ISO/TS16949 Certification and Green standard licenses.
■ Several decades of experience in the field to provide you with professional advice and quickly complete your project wait for reward.
Metal mechanical
Correlation structure is designed using metal elements, including all kinds of 3C electronic products. Example:Notebook computers and mobile phone component increase body strength, corporate with us so you do not need to worry about even more powerful quality and delivery, let your products on market in time !
Cars components
Car precision metal components, precision progressive die design and manufacture, etc.
Precision antennas
The latest generation of antenna design and manufacturing technology, regardless of more sophisticated devices, we have a professional mold for your production, well-equipped and provide you with many years of solid experience as a backup, allowing you to concentrate on brand and product expertise, let us to provide our expertise at your service!

Huangyie industrial foundry design and production for you, all kinds of metal, precision composite components, regardless of how your project complex and difficult to design, we will work with you to reflect together on the light response, please contact us immediately


OEM Metal Parts, Precision Complex Components, EMI / ESD Components, 3C Electronic Products, Notebook Computers and Mobile Phone Component, Car Precision Metal Components, Precision Antennas, EMI/SMT's Precision clip, Fasteners, Hardware, Auto Electrical Switches, Precision Die


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