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The RISE Group since 1987
RISE lighting, ABINI lighting in Taiwan & China ,ABINI technic inc. in China, ZM-Aluminium in Taiwan & Guangdong are the members of RISE group since year of incorporation 1987.
* Land of sales, production, warehouse: 48000 square meters
* Building of sales, production, warehouse area: 30000 square meters
* Number of countries in RISE GROUP sell to: 60 countriesThe Investments in equipment, technologies, human resources is 5% of our annual turnover.

RISE'S Management Philosophy
Customers are the roots of a corporation’s survival. Therefore, to achieve the goal of sustainable growth, we develop and build up our customer base with quality products, enthusiastic services, innovative R&D, and a broad scope of the international market. A person’s ways in the society should be like the maturing of rice; when it matures, the spikes becomes weightier, and the weightier it becomes, the spikes hang humbly lower. Similarly, for a corporation, the larger it grows, the humbler it should be.


Mirror Light, Wall Light Series, Cabinet Lights Sets, Low Voltage Halogen Lamps, Cabinet, Outdoor Lighting, Downlights, Track Lights, Bathroom Lights, Ceiling Mounts, DIY Lighting Fixture, Recessed Lights, Spotlights, Spotlight Light, Recessed Wall Light, Recessed Down Light, Ceiling Mount Fluorescent Light Fixtures, Transformers


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