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COMAX MACHINERY CO., LTD. is dedicated in "Adhesive Tape Making Plant, PVC Insulating/Pipeing Tape Making Machines, Multipurpose Tape Making Machine, OPP Tape, Kraft Paper Tape and Label Stickers Making Machine, Tape Making, Coating, Sealing, Packing, Film, Sheet, Lamination, Adhesive, Dryer, Slitter, Rewinder, Plastic, Coating Engineering, Drying, Self-Adhesive Tape Making Plant, Unwinder, 2 Colors Rotary Printing, Laminating, Slitting, Fully Automatic Stretch Film Rewinding Machine, Bopp Stationery & Packing Tape, Foam Tape, Masking Tape, Sealing & Adhesive Coating Tape, PVC Insulating & Packing Tape, Kraft Paper Tape, Self-Adhesive Tape Coating Plant, Rotary 2 Colors Printing Machine, PVC Insulating Tape Cutter, Sealing Tape Coating Plant, Auto Stretch Film/PE Film Rewinder, PVC Insulating Tape, OPP Packing & Stationery Tape, Label Sticker, Double Side Tape, Cloth Tape, Medicine Tape, Polyester (Mylar) Tape, Sealing Tape, Protected Film Tape...etc." with operations in Taiwan.


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