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'FRANK PHOENIX INTERNATIONAL CORP.' is the leading manufacturer and exporter of machine tools and accessories in Taiwan for over 16 years . With the incessant development and promotion over the past decade, our machines and accessories have been promoted very successfully in the worldwide market due to our high quality with competitive price.

At present, our machines(CNC Bed Type Milling Machines, CNC Lathes, Vertical Machining Centers) have expanded to a very comprehensive range of sizes and models suitable for different commands. The range of our machine series are:
-Bed Type CNC Milling Machine: X axis travel: from 800~3000mm.
-CNC lathe: swing over bed x d.b.c.: 450~1200mm x 1000~6000mm.
-Vertical Machining Center: X axis travel: from 500~1600mm

The main series of our accessories and components are 1)Adjustable coolant hoses, valves and nozzles, 2)Under water coolant pumps, self-priming coolant pumps, Vertical multi-stage high pressure coolant pumps and coolant pump kits, 3)Work lights 4)Steel belt chip conveyer , 5)Jig blocks/sub stables for machining center/CNC mill. 6)Skimmer for floating oil, 7)Lubricator and peripheral parts/feed pumps for centralized lubricating system, 8)Air power draw bar ,9)Electrode tubes for super drill EDM. 10)Power table feed/gear type power table feed, 11)Cartridge filters for die sinking EDM, 12)Others…etc.


Multi-Stage High Pressure Coolant Pumps, Worklight, Coolant Hoses/Valves, High Pressure Trochoid Pumps, Electrode Tubes for Drill EDMs, Cartridge Filters for EDMs Jig Blocks/Sub-Tables Lubricators, Compact CNC Mills, Flatbed CNC Lathes, Bed Type CNC Mills, Vertical Machining Centers, CNC Machine Tools, Milling M/C, EDM (Electrical Discharge Machines), Adjustable Coolant Hoses & Valves, Coolant Pump, Jig Blocks, Sub Tables for Machining Centers, CNC, Miller Coollight Lamps, Cartridge Filters for E.D.M., Complete Foundry Plant Design & Manufacture, CNC Lathes, CNC Mills, Machine Centers, Adjustable, Coolant Hoses & Valves, Coolant Pumps, Coolant Pump Kits, Electrode Tubes for Super Drill EDM, Wire for Wire Cut EDM, Jig Blocks/Subtable, Machine Tools Components and Accessories, Jig Blocks/Sub Tables for Machining Center/CNC Mill, Electrode Tubes for Super Drill EDM/Wires for Wire Cut EDM, Halogen Work Lights, Cool Light Lamps, Bench Lathes, Heavy-duty Lathes, High Speed Precision Lathes, CNC Drilling Machines, CNC Milling Machines, Milling Machines, Bed Type, CNC Grinding Machines, Band Saws, Vertical Type, Jigs, Diamond, CBN Tools and Cutters, Coolers, Precision Metal Parts, Machinery Parts and Components


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Address: No. 48-3, Wayao Rd., Dali ., Taichung City 412, Taiwan
Telephone: 886-4-2406-5028 (Rep.)
Fax: 886-4-2406-5019
URL: www.topphoenix.com.tw

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