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E-TON Group is one of the most reliable manufacturers of auto parts and power vehicles in the world and well specialized in 3 areas: Auto parts, Power vehicles and Green energy. There are 3 plants located in both Taiwan and China with total 1600 employees to offer customers worldwide with quality products in a long-term manufacturing strategy.

Welcome to vehicle family. E-TON is a multi-national manufacturing company producing a diverse array of OEM and proprietary named items. E-TON made history in 1997 when we launched Tornado ATV to become the first Taiwanese company to enter ATV market. The next series, VIPER, was the classical type and is still the best one over current competitors.

We are producing ATVs, 2-wheel scooters (gasoline and electric) and electric scooters (for medical care) in Taiwan. From design, development, test and manufacturing to delivery, we are dedicated ourselves to keep the mind of Quality and Customer Satisfaction. In 2005, our youth ATV was rated as the “Best ATV of the Year” in the USA. These quality products with the brand of have successfully brought us upto a worldwide famous and reliable manufacturer in the ATV market.

JI-EE INDUSTRY CO., LTD. is a mother company of the whole Group and is still focusing on her core technology: Auto parts design and production. On the strength of solid manufacturing experiences over past 20 years, we are doing not merely an OEM auto parts manufacturer but progressing to be an ODM total-solution provider.

Environment preservation with green energies is one of our corporation goals being endeavored continuously. Higher efficiency of gasoline engines, electric power vehicles, hybrid engine/vehicles and solar cell production will be the main products of Group currently and in long term operation.


Motorcycle, Scooter, Electric Scooter, Electric Bicycle, ATV (All Terrain Vehicle), Engine Parts, Water Pump (W/P), Oil Pump (O/P), Fuel Pump, Carburetor, Transmission Pump, Car Accessory, Engine Fitting, ATV, Homologated, Motorcycles, Electric Vehicles


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