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Yong Yen company start business at manufacturing garden tools and have experienced 20 years of doing business mainly in garden accessories, garden hoses, pneumatic connectors, pneumatic hoses, brass &plastic fittings industry from 1986. Yong Yen also do OEM for some famous garden brand. But with the certification of ISO 9001:2000 and patents in the united states, Taiwan, and Germany, Yong Yen has the capability of researching, developing, improving and manufacturing to keep competitive in the market. No matter what, Yong yen will do all the efforts to reach customer’s satisfaction. Browsing our website (www.yongyen.com) to get more information!


Leading Manufacturer of Garden Hoses, No More Tangles, CNC Automatic Lathes, Superior Quality Samples Welcome. Cooperative Product Development, Equipped with CNC Automatic Lathes, Superior Quality Samples Welcome. No More Tangles, Cooperative Product Development, Gardening Tools, Special Brassware, Automatic Precision Lathed Items, Joints, Tubes (rubber), Nozzles, Spray Guns, Sprinkler Stands, Misters and Sprayers, Coil Hoses W/Brass Connectors, Brass Nozzles, Brass Connectors Sets, Brass Hose Connectors, Fire-Extinguishing Hose Nozzles, Sprinklers, Plastic Hose Connectors, EVA Coiled Hose W/Brass Connectors, Multifunctional Flat Hoses W/Rollers & Sprinkler Sets, All Product Listing, Yong Yen, Connection Fittings for Plumbing, Garden Fittings


Number of Total Employees: 30~40
Year Established: 1986
Production Mode: OEM, ODM
Total Annual Sales (USD): 7,000,000
Export Percentage: 95%
Export Market: Global
Brand Name: yymco
Capital (USD): 350,000
Business Type: Manufacturer, Design and Research Services, Exporter
Competitive Advantages: 1. We are Manufacturer
2. Large scale CNC machines
3. High precision machines and inspect device
4. Well trained and experienced engineers
5. Use machines to replace labor force in many processes
6. Large scale purchasing to reduce manufacturing cost
7. Diversify manufacturing capability
Approvals / Certifications: ISO9001:2000

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