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AutoBase Corp. Provides Innovative Motorcycles,
Stylish Motorcycle Fittings, and Accessories
Autobase Corporation was founded by a group of young engineers, who have rich, professional experience in motorcycle manufacturing. Sparing no effort to make riding a motorcycle comfortable and joyful, AutoBase provides innovative, superior-quality motorcycles at competitive prices to satisfy all customer needs.In 2005, the firm developed the GP-X 125/150 model. This model is different from traditional scooters in appearance; it looks like a mini, state-of-the-art, Italian-style sports motorcycle,
and features freshly styled accessories, excellent performance, and riding controllability. This
innovative model has a four-stroke, high-performance CVT engine, which is as rider-friendly as the engine in a traditional scooter, while providing extreme riding pleasure. Unique, one of a kind in the market, this new model meets Europe's EEC and the U.S.'s EPA standards.
This year, AutoBase is focusing on developing a higher-grade model-the AERO 125/150. The firm named this model "SCOOTABIKE" because it is different from traditional scooters that have small tires. It has 16"-dia. aluminum alloy wheels, the splendid appearance of a racing model, a large storage compartment, an electronic LCD gauge, an adjustable rear shock absorber (nitrogen-type), and a high-performance exhaust pipe. This latest model emphasizes both performance and practicality, offering end-consumers another new choice.
AutoBase also provides a wide variety of stylish fittings and accessories for motorcycles, which will further offer riders more fun and pleasure. Custom samples and designs for cooperative development are welcome. If you need to learn more about the firm, please visit AutoBase's website at http://www.autobase.com.tw, or write to us via
E-mail: autobase@cens.com.


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