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Since 1985, Many Wain has produced high quality interior lighting fixtures for recreational vehicles, conversion vans, and the marine industry. Our goal is to provide high quality, professional transportation lighting for our customers with excellent service and competitive pricing. In recent years, Many Wain has continuously upgraded its production facilities and expanded its R & D expertise. The most valuable assets are our employees. All of them are well trained and have many years of experience. Each employee, as part of the Many Wain team, is dedicated to provide our customers with the best products and services. Besides, Many Wain received ISO-9002 certification in 1998, and QS-9000 in 2004.

We value these certificates as reward for our commitment to quality. Turning to the new millennium, our strategy is to continue to meet the challenges that the new era brings. First of all, we will remain a global, competitive source of OEM transportation lighting by relentlessly enhancing quality and service through professional resource management systems.

Secondary, we are aggressively growing our design staff and know-how so we can offer you creative, in-house ODM design solutions. Finally, despite the significant growth of our business, we are still devoted to serve you with superior quality, sincerity, and honesty. We believe that this strategy will bring us endless success in the marketplace.


雾灯, 车灯, 方向灯, 车内灯, 千斤顶, 电子零组件


员工数: 60
公司成立年: 1985
外销比例: 95%
外销市场: 全球
品牌: 百盈
公司类型: 制造商
公司名称: 百盈实业股份有限公司