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We, NIKEN Automotive Accessories Co., Ltd, were established in 1976 as a professional manufacturer, exporter, OEM &ODM of car tuning in Taiwan for nearly 40 years. We achieved ISO9001 quality assurance certificate in 2001, SA8000 Social Accountability certificate in 2010 and our product also passed many international certificates, such as E-mark, CE, RoHS and FCC.

We have the best sales group, professional R&D department for LED auto/motorcycle LED lamp and accessories and experienced manufacture factory; Niken continuously develops a series of LED Lamps, USB Car Adapter and specific car chrome style accessories to meet consumer’s requirements. Besides developing our NIKEN product series, we constantly make efforts for all friends who need LED lamp or interest in the field in order to provide the professional service and create the best value for each other.
Do you want some cool stuff to make up your car to be fashionable and specific? NIKEN is your best choice!

For the past years, we have designed and manufactured many kinds of auto accessories, even led the fashion trend of the field. Every stage, we focus on different core products and get a good positive response from our clients.


铝天线,USB扩充座, 车内外电镀件, 排档头, 汽车精品, 车用配件, 室内镜, 室内灯, 数位指南球


外销市场: 全球
公司类型: 制造商
公司名称: 首通股份有限公司