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Yis Sheng Horng Industry Co., Ltd. is specialized in operating antirust treatment (PJN) on automobile (motorbike) parts, and screws & nuts for industrial applications, building & construction industry, or aerospace related industry. To cope with the global trend of environmental protection, the company in 1998 started to step into the research and development for chromium-free antirust surface treatments.


The currently rdleased PJN chromium-free series, which is one of the major environmental friendly product series released in recent years, includes chromium-free plating and chromium-free coating which can meet the regulatory requirements of environment protection in the regions of Europe and the U.S.


Chromium-free plating process is a technique that gets rid of conventional galvanization while replacing it with the deactivation of chromic acid. A complete chromium-free plating process allows the plated products to stay free from the contamination of chromic acid, and show much higher performance in the salt spray test than the conventional galvanized products.

Chromium-free coating process produces a base coating of chromium-free plating, and a top coating of chromium-free materials, enabling the products to be totally and genuinely chromium-free, regardless of inside or outside. As proved in a test example, the screw that driven into ACQ wooden boards for Salt Spray Test turned out to be up to 840 hours (with test period:2003.12.27~2004.01.31, followed by subsequent testing).


PJN chromium-free series can be custom-built to meet special weatherproofing requirements, so as to conform to standards of Salt Spray Test or Salt Spray & Kesternich test.


达克锈, PJN保久耐, 彩色涂装, 喷砂处理, 耐腐蚀处理, 汽机车零件防锈处理, 无铬处理, 无铬涂装

公司名称: 亿昇泓实业有限公司