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Our company, TEN WELL METAL FURNITURE CO., LTD., was established in 1980. Our furniture designs are inspired by European masters that combine classical artistic culture and works by famous designers, as well as integrates the concept of “Pursuing excellent craftsmanship.” Our range has been popularly received since 1980, for which we are grateful.
Our professionalism is backed by creativity, taste, and trendiness; while we take pride in our enthusiasm to build into our products upscale, elegant flavors, which enable us to achieve success at home and abroad, as well as turn TEN WELLS into a brand of guaranteed quality and superiority.
Our goal and mission is to build even better, user-friendly furniture, as well as offer products that enhance quality of life. Meanwhile, we look forward to your continued patronage.


野餐桌, 海灘休閒椅, 鐵管家具, 木製茶几/桌, 茶几/桌, 餐桌椅, 吧檯/椅, 金屬/鐵管戶外家具, 金屬椅, 應時桌


員工數: 30
公司成立年: 1980
年營收 (美金): NT$ 50 million dollars
外銷比例: 60%
外銷市場: 全球, 歐洲, 亞洲, 北美, 澳洲/紐西蘭
品牌: Ten Well
資本額 (美金): NT$ 5 million dollars
公司類型: 製造商
優勢利基: R&D


公司名稱: 天偉金屬家具有限公司
地址: 420 台中市豐原區三和路525號
電話: 886-4-2532-0436-8
傳真: 886-4-2535-4507
網址: www.tenwells.com