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These are in-depth pre- and post-show reports on major international trade fairs, held in Taiwan and other countries with significant participation by Taiwanese manufacturers and exporters. They are offered to help global buyers and other readers better understand what is going on at the fairs and the latest offerings by Taiwanese exhibitors.

Prof. Lee Tzong-ru of the Institute of Electronic Commerce at National Chung Hsing University.

NCHU Professor Lee Tzong-ru Urges Hand Tools Makers to Embrace OBM

Jan 09, 2015

After years of progress in production capability and capacity, Taiwanese hand tool makers have steadily risen up the global supply chain from their original OEM (original equipment manufacturing) role to the ODM (original design manufacturing) level. Their success in connecting "Made-in-Taiwan" with high-end, high-profile hand tools owes to relentless R&D and product quality improvements, as well...

Strelka's Tool Book

Strelka's ToolBook:Makes Screwdrivers More Than Hand Tools

Dec 08, 2014

With a tip at one end of the metal shaft and a plastic handle at the other, a screwdriver is one of the earthiest, most commonly used tools with a stereotyped shape in the minds of the public. Strelka’s brand-new ToolBook is designed to give that stereotype a makeover. The ToolBook is a screwdriver set consisting of four screwdrivers and several hex keys, with lots of features to set itself a...

 James Yuan

Taiwan's Lighting Design Guru Pursues Harmony Between Lighting and Nature

Innovative James Yuan shows the way for a more attractive, more efficient lighting future

Sep 26, 2014

By KEN LIU In 1985, the Wenshui Community in northern Taiwan's Miaoli County had over 800 residents and served as a transportation and business hub for the townships of Dahu, Shitan, and Tai'an. The population later plunged and by 1999 there were only 86 people left, most of them oldsters and children. One reason for this shrinkage was a new access road that made it easier for the community's ...

Just Power president Ching Yang

Just Power Builds Handy and Useful Designs into Lighting Fixtures

Environmentally conscious manufacturer focuses on practical designs

Sep 17, 2014

By KEN LIU From the very first day of Just Power Integrated Technology Inc.’s founding in 2009, the company's president, Ching Yang, has clung to the idea of incorporating only useful and handy designs into the company’s LED lighting fixtures, which are all for indoor use. The firm's initial offering, a light tube dubbed “Anytime,” was based on that idea, and it has since introduced a slew ...

Crispin Wu, Tong Yang's president.

Auto-parts Maker Tong Yang to Invest NT$3B. for Capacity Expansion in 2014

May 30, 2014

By QUINCY LIANG After gaining a solid foothold in China, the world's largest automobile market, Taiwan's major auto-parts maker Tong Yang Industrial Co., Ltd. recently announced that it will focus investment over the next few years on the island. Crispin Wu, Tong Yang's president, said that his company has set up a technical R&D center at its headquarters in Tainan, southern Taiwan, and wil...

SKN Managing Director Frank Kauer and Ford-branded lamps.

An Interview With Frank Kauer, Managing Director of SKN Global Ltd., a Ford licensee

The HK firm is looking for distributors in Taiwan or other markets to promote the Ford brand in lighting

Apr 28, 2014

By KEN LIU Ford was surprisingly not promoted as a car brand but for household lighting at the Hong Kong International Lighting Fair 2014 (Spring Edition), held April 6-9. The Ford marque was seen at the contract supplier SKN Global Ltd.’s booth in Hall of Aurora, a venue for brand name exhibitors. SKN, a Hong Kong-based company, is licensed to market lighting and electrical appliances worl...

Matt Yang, deputy head of the MIRDC's Test Technology Development Section, has been helping Taiwanese hand tool suppliers to upgrade for years.

Taiwan's Hand Tool Sector Needs to Expand Distribution Channels: Matt Yang of MIRDC

Feb 06, 2014

By STEVE CHUANG Over the past decade, Taiwan’s hand tool industry has built up solid reputations among international buyers for supplying high-quality, high-precision tools catering to professional end-users, and as a result has enjoyed steady growth. The hand tool industry took off in Taiwan in the 1970s, and in the past decade has experienced a second "golden age." According to a report a...

Joe Chen has earned accolades for his contributions to the development of Taiwan's fastener industry over the past six years as chairman of TIFI.

TIFI Chairman Rallies Taiwan's Fastener Industry with an Eye on the World

TIFS set to highlight local strengths at biggest-ever show in April​

Feb 05, 2014

By STEVE CHUANG Joe Chen may be entering his last year as the chairman of Taiwan Industrial Fasteners Institute (TIFI), but the industry captain, also president of fastener supplier Saintec Enterprise Co., Ltd., is still going full-speed to boost Taiwan's competitiveness in the global market. Under his leadership, the third Taiwan International Fastener Show (TIFS) is set to hold its biggest-eve...

Shake Shake Duck transforms into a rocking chair, making it no longer only a static chair.

Cultural Exposition Showcases Creativity of Furniture Design

This expo aimed to boost cultural/creative vitality by highlighting localization and infusing energy into cultural enterprises

Jan 21, 2014

By MICHELLE HSU The Taiwan International Cultural and Creative Industry Expo, organized by the Ministry of Culture since 2010, is now in its 4th iteration. During its short life the expo has strived to turn “creative ideas” into “commercial value” and play the role of a platform for communication between original creators and industry, making the abstract nature of culture more concrete and ex...

C.F. Lin and the plaque praising his company's achievements in the development of patented products.

Taiwanese Lighting Executive Optimistic About the Industry's Future

C.F. Lin: Manufacturers need to form partnerships for mutual assistance

Dec 20, 2013

C.F. Lin, chairman of the Cross-Strait Lighting Committee of the Taiwan Lighting Fixture Export Association (TLFEA), recently brightened up a committee meeting by making such comments as “The lighting business is better in 2013 than in 2012”; “Almost every Taiwanese manufacturer in this line has grown this year”; and “LED lighting still has 15 years of space for development.” These statements ref...