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Sunlike Display Tech Corp.--LCD modules, LED lights, and OLED modules

Founded in 1996 in central Taiwan, Sunlike Display Tech. Corp. makes and markets high-quality liquid crystal display (LCD) modules, organic light emitting diode (OLED) modules and LED lights. The company’s LCD products are integrated with twisted nematic (TN), super twisted nematic (STN), film-su... Full Story

Sunlike Display Tech. Corp.

Sunlike Display Tech. Corp., founded in March 1996, specializes in designing, marketing and manufacturing LCD (liquid crystal display) modules. The company is seasoned in twisted nematic (TN), super-twisted nematic (STN), super film twisted nematic (SFTN) and COB technologies, and mainly supplie... Full Story

Sunlike Display Tech Corp.--Liquid crystal display (LCD) modules

Founded in 1996, Sunlike Display Tech Corp. is an ISO 9001-certified company specializing in designing, developing, and manufacturing high-quality liquid crystal display (LCD) modules. The company supplies a wide array of products, including TN (Twisted Nematic), STN (Super Twisted Nematic), FSTN... Full Story

Contact Person: John Huang (Sales Mananger)

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